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Tips on Using Social Media at Your Next Trade Show

Social media can be a very powerful tool to help break through all the overwhelming distractions at a convention center, and can help drive traffic to your booth. But, how can you successfully integrate social media with a physical location you might only be at for a few hours? By using the channels available to you effectively you can help increase your lead generation and possibly help to generate new network opportunities as well. Below is a few tips to use some of the more popular social media channels to make your next trade show booth an outstanding success.


Twitter’s influence continues to grow along with all of the different trade show attendees who use the social media microblog. If your target customers are smart phone carriers, and minimally tech oriented, Twitter should definitely be part of your marketing strategy for your next trade show. Below are a few tips to use Twitter effectively at a trade show.

  • Find out if the trade show is using a hashtag (ex: San Diego Comic-Con usually uses something like #SDCC2014) if they are, this is a great way to share news and events with your business with the trade show attendees.
  • Little side-note for this tip, if the event does use a hashtag, follow anyone who is using the hashtag if you believe that they are a prospective customer, based on their Twitter profile.
  • Follow the show organizer via Twitter and retweet their posts leading up to the event. By helping spread word of the event, they’ll sometimes retweet your tweets and comments which will help give your business more visibility leading up to the event.
  • Create a Twitter only contest. Have people visit your trade show booth and take a photo of themselves there. Combine this with a special hashtag for your business along with the event hashtag and have them post it to Twitter.


Over a billion people use Facebook around the world, and over 60% of them use the smartphone app daily to stay in touch with their friends and family, to following their favorite brands and companies. For trade shows, this can be a great way to gain business leads by helping to amp up interest in the trade show and in turn, your company. Here are a few tips to help use Facebook at your next trade show.

  • Follow the trade show’s facebook page.
  • Promote the trade show, your booth number in the convention center, and your company’s landing page.
  • Pin a post to the top of your page promoting your business’ trade show contests/special offers.


In 2014 over 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, with mobile viewing making up more than 40% of those visits. Video marketing is a great way to reach prospective customers and can help build buzz about your product and help to build trust with your brand. Here are some tips if you want to use YouTube for your next trade show.

  • Create quick 30 second testimonial videos. If you have a current or past customer visiting your booth, it’s the perfect opportunity to get footage of them advocating your brand, extremely powerful stuff.
  • Use it to take a pre-show video of you at your booth, teasing some content about what you plan on presenting at your booth, or if you’re revealing any new product, great way to help build buzz around it.
  • If you’re speaking at the show, have a colleague record the presentation and upload it.
  • Don’t forget to link to your company’s website when uploading the video!

Whether your company is using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or some other social media platform. It is an incredible asset to leverage and make your next trade show appearance a resounding success.

Garth Gaetz is the owner of New World Case, Inc. Connect with him on Google+.

Is your Trade Show Display Supplier Right For You?

Whether you’re exhibiting or attending; trade shows and business events can be a key factor in building your company’s growth, reputation, and your client base. With good planning and people, these events can be an exciting and successful investment in your business.

Supplier Relationships are Key

If you’re going to be the face of your company at trade shows, forming a relationship with a trade show display supplier is key in making your job easier, while ensuring a successful trade show.

Things to Look for When Shopping for A Trade Show Supplier

Whether this is your first time looking to attend a trade show, or you’re a vet of the trade show circuit, here are a few things you should look for when choosing a trade show supplier:

  • Experience – How long have they been supplying products for trade shows? Are they reliable? Do they have any reviews? It’s always better to go with a supplier who knows the ropes and can handle any job, no matter how big or small.
  • Variety of Display Solutions- How is their pricing? Do they offer several different brands? Can they work with you on your budget? A trade show display supplier worth their salt should be flexible and adaptable, and be able to offer graphic printing, display accessories, and trade show logistics to you if you need them.
  • Friend or Enemy? – A good supplier will work with you and listen to what your needs and budget constraints are. They should work for you, not against you. Designing and creating the right trade show display will come from having good communication with your supplier.
  • Personnel – When you work with a supplier, they should have a rep that is assigned to your account, so you have a point of contact within the company. Having someone who is “on deck” and will help you out if you run into trouble with your display can be the lynch pin between a trade show disaster and a success.
  • Trust – Find a supplier you feel comfortable with. Make sure you can request to drop by and collaborate or go over any necessary changes in person if needed. Also, you should be able to see your project in process if wanted.

A great trade show display company should encompass most of the traits we listed above.  Because, when it comes down to it, your display is an extension of your company. Forming a lasting relationship with a supplier who is creative, available, and conscious of your needs will ensure that your exhibits represent your business successfully, and when you succeed so do they!

Garth Gaetz is the owner of New World Case, Inc. Connect with him on Google+.