About Us: NW Displays and Exhibits, Inc.

    Since 1989, New World Displays and Exhibits, Inc. has been providing high quality custom and system trade show displays and accessories, exhibits, and marketing solutions to thousands of customers at reasonable prices. Located 50 miles outside of Boston, MA., NW Displays also supplies custom built and stock shipping cases for all requirements and applications around the world. We offer these two distinct sides to our business to enable us to connect with and serve the wide-ranging needs within, and associated with, trade shows, events and exhibiting. From custom and stock Trade show shipping cases, to small and medium sized display and marketing solutions, to large built displays, we have a solution that will fit your requirements and budget.

   Our experienced staff has been involved in the trade show industry for more than 33 years, combining high end manufacturing skills and knowledge, with innovative design and marketing skills to enable us to meet the customer’s needs with creative and cost effective results. Our design and sales team have successfully served a wide range of customers from all over the world by providing a wide variety of high quality trade show and shipping solutions and products, creative custom design solutions, and excellent customer service.

 We all came to the exhibit industry as a seasoned carpenter and builder. He quickly moved into management as Lead Production Manager and then Operations Manager, where he ran all aspects of building and producing large exhibits and displays at a local trade show display manufacturing company. Working with the customers on site, as well as off, Garth has developed the experience and knowledge necessary to provide his clients with sound display programs that focus on ensuring success at every event.

    Since 1988, NW Displays and Exhibits , Inc., and has been successful in selling both large and small custom and “off the shelf” display solutions for all requirements, sometimes merging the two together to come up with innovative ideas to meet difficult requirements. Realizing a definite need for associated shipping solutions in the industry, Garth added a second side to his already successful business that specifically deals with shipping solutions and has been very successful in this avenue as well.  Booth construction expertise, extensive knowledge in trade show logistics and solutions, excellent account management, and high ethical standards are key strengths that Garth Gaetz offers to every customer.

Kristen Saulnier

    Kristen Saulnier fell into the exhibit industry right out of college with a degree in Graphic Design. Her design and rendering skills quickly moved her through the ranks from Graphic Designer to Exhibit Designer, then to Design Director. Meeting with customers, reviewing their display requirements and collaboratively working with the customer through design and construction are key strengths Kris possesses. Her keen sense of design and creative thinking, and insight for integrating 2D graphic and marketing campaigns into 3D design concepts are skills Kris has developed over years of designing for trade shows and events.

    Through collaborating with customers in a wide variety of businesses, Kris has developed a solid ability to grasp the customer’s marketing and sales strategies and work them into the 3-Dimensional trade show atmosphere. Her desire to pay fine attention to every detail of a project, and her strong intrapersonal skills combine to allow her to provide top notch Account Management. Kris applies these key strengths to each project she works on ensuring a positive and successful result.


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