Why should my company attend trade shows?

Whether you are just attending a trade show specific to your industry, or exhibiting at one, the trade show arena can benefit your corporate goals in a variety of ways. Consider that you will be spending 1-3 days attending meetings and making face to face connections with people who are genuinely interested, and invested, in the very business you are in. Industry specific trade shows provide you with a perfect arena and opportunity to converge with qualified business connections and qualified new sales leads to drive new business to your company.

Should I spend the money and make the commitment to invest the time and staff to exhibit at a trade show?

Yes! Statistics prove that when you exhibit at a show, not only do you create new business connections and connect with new qualified business leads, but also you make a corporate statement about yourself and your place within your market. Exhibiting at industry specific trade events shows your commitment to your industry and your desire to create a place for your corporate identity within it. Also, what better way to educate yourself as a company, than to rub elbows with your competitors? Nothing drives the desire to work harder and sell better than knowing what your competition is currently up to! Exhibiting at trade events allows you to network within your industry. This is the best way to stay on top of your game and remain as knowledgeable as possible, and able to compete effectively to acquire new business.

What size trade show display should I buy?

Trade show display solutions are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Many solutions can be combined to create any type of display layout and size you desire. From simple banner stands and table top displays, to linear graphic backdrop and larger island displays, there are endless possibilities for you to choose from.

What should I consider when purchasing a trade show display?

Questions to consider are “What are my direct competitors doing?” and “What can I afford to spend to keep competitive within my industry?” Also, you should know how many company personnel you are willing to dedicate to working the show. Start small and dream big! A knowledgeable and reliable trade show display provider can help you to narrow down your budget and get as much property and value for your dollar.

Does my current trade show display still have value?

If you own a display that is in good working shape, there is certainly value to be had by updating the graphics, finishes, and structure to meet your needs.

When should I replace my existing trade show display with a new one?

While a reliable display supplier can (and should) be able to refurbish an existing display, there are times when it might be in your best interest to buy a newer, more cost effective trade show display. Many new display solutions are designed to lower shipping fees and logistical costs including set up, storage, and maintenance.


How often should I update my tradeshow display or graphics?

A good rule of thumb is that you should always have something new to promote at every event… Whether it’s a new product, a new or updated service, or a new message. You might have different audiences from trade show to trade show, so you need to be able to address each audience in a captivating and engaging way. It is in your best interest to portray that you are always growing and evolving within your industry. A successful trade show display allows you to easily change your visual message from event to event without ever changing your basic structure. This can be done easily and without over extending your budget. Keep corporate graphics in tact and change out product graphics, images and messages often. This keeps your company looking updated and current at every show!

What are the best trade show display solutions for my company?

First, you need to assess what events you are going to attend over the course of the year. Maybe you have one large trade event and a handful of smaller events. Maybe you will exhibit at several medium sized shows throughout the year. Who will be setting your display up? Will you be transporting it yourself, or will you contract a freight carrier? Consider these key factors: shipping rates, ease of set up and dismantle and costs to change or alter your look at future shows. You can always consult with a knowledge trade show display provider.

Can I re-purpose my trade show booth or display materials for other uses?

Keep in mind that trade show display materials can easily double as valuable marketing tools at smaller corporate events, regional meetings and as corporate board room enhancements. Set your budget and look for products and display materials that have multi-use capabilities. You will maximize your dollar and get big results!


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