JELCO EZ Lift Monitor Lift Cases

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EZ-LIFT® technology gently lifts your display monitor out of the protective case and into presentation position. When you’re finished with your presentation, simply pushthe monitor down gently to lock it in the storage position. No electrical power is needed for EZ-LIFT.

  • Permanently mount and wire your monitor
    for easy set-up and movement.
  • Sizes available for 37” to 70” monitors.

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Jelco EZ Lift Cases

Quality American construction

  • Five year warranty on lift mechanism.
  • One year warranty on other components.


  • Universal mounting bracket for flat-screen monitor.
  • Shock-mounted monitor frame.
  • Integrated cable management system.
  • Locking 2-piece lid is split for easy access.
  • Four 4” locking casters.

Product Specifications

  • Model EL-42 fits most 37”-46” monitors and TVs: 51” H x 48” W x 19” D, 192 pounds.
  • Model EL-50 fits most 46” -52” monitors and TVs: 51” H x 55” W x 19” D, 215 pounds.
  • Model EL-60 fits most 52” -63” monitors and TVs: 59” H x 68” W x 20” D, 269 pounds.
  • Model EL-65 fits most 65” monitors and TVs: 59” H x 68” W x 20” D, 292 pounds.
  • Model EL-70 fits most 70” monitors and TVs: 59” H x 74” W x 20” D, 375 pounds.
  • Model ELS-42 for SMART Overlay, 37”-46” monitors: 54” H x 53” W x 22” D, 207 pounds.
  • Model ELS-50 for SMART Overlay, 46” -52” monitors: 56” H x 60” W x 22” D, 217 pounds.
  • Model ELS-60 for SMART Overlay, 52” -63” monitors: 59” H x 71” W x 22” D, 304 pounds.
  • Model ELS-65 for SMART Overlay, 65” monitors: 61” H x 74” W x 24” D, 375 pounds.
  • Monitor viewing heights: approx. 46" - 52" from floor to bottom of monitoror pen tray.


  • EQUIPMENT PANEL mounts to back side of lift for mini computers and wireless devices.
  • REMOVABLE SIDE SHELF holds DVD player, laptop computer, or related items.
  • DRAPERY KIT gives it a finished look ready for any presentation.
  • Upgrade to 6" Locking Castors

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