Trade Show Shipping Cases for Displays and Graphics

NW Displays and Exhibits, Inc. offers a wide variety of molded trade show shipping cases for Trade Show Display Graphics and Trade Show display exhibit systems. Cases are available to order here oline or call us to discuss your needs and size requirements. Choose the size that works best for you. Most cases include wheels, and are shippable via Fedex or UPS. Larger Freight Cases are also available. Protect your tade show display investment at a budget conscious price! Custom Built Cases are also available to fit your specific needs, give us a call for more information! *Always double check your dimensions and choose a case that will fit your product and allow room for extra wrapping or padding if needed. We are here and happy to assist you!

OCH2 Large Shipping Case with Wheels 47"x24"x12-14"


The Orbus OCH2 wheeled Shipping Case is a perfect heavy duty case to choose for your display shipment needs! Inside Dimensions 24" w x 12.25" d x 47.25" High

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Orbus OC Hop Shipping Case for displays
OC-HOP Square Shipping Case with wheels 13.5"x13.5"x35.5"


The OC-HOP is a new hard case option available for your Hop Up Tension Fabric Display! Fits all Hop Up display sizes up to 10' wide! Interior Dimensions: 13.5" x 13.5" x 35.5" H

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Orbus blow-molded shipping cases
Orbus OCS Graphics Shipping Case 13.5" diam. x 39.8" H


The Orbus OCS Case is a premium molded case that is sure to protect your trade show graphics, your exhibit or even banner stands to show to show. 13" x 13" x 39" High. Trade Show OCS shipping case

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Orbus large trade show shipping cases
OCH Shipping Case with Wheels 46.5"x23.25"x7.625"


The Orbus OCH Shipping Case is a perfect case to choose for your display shipment needs! Inside 23.25" w x 7.625" d x 46.5" High $280.00 Ea. plus shipping

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Orbus OCE Transit case for tall items like full height displays and banner stands
OCE Adjustable Height Case with Wheels 11"x14"x38"-64" H

Adjustable height with easy pin latch, The OCE offers strong yet lightweight construction and converts easily into an attractive and useful counter. $256.00 each plus shipping.

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OCB-2 Adjustable Banner Stand Case 13.5"x5"x30"-49" H


The OCB Banner Stand Case is molded to protect your Banner Stands during transport and shipping. The OCB Case will fit a wide variety of Banner Stand Sizes and Styles! Inside : 13.5" W x 5" D x 30.29" - 49.14" long

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Rollable freight container for trade show displays
OCF Freight Shipping Case 48"x35.5"x19.75"D


The OCF Shipping Case for Trade shows and more,Great for shipping trade show exhibits and graphics. Inside dimensions 48"W x 19.75"H x 35.5"D

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Orbus OCFM large trade show shipping case
OCFM Shipping Case 48"x36"x9.75" H


The OCFM Shipping Case for Trade shows and more, Great for shipping trade show exhibits and graphics. Inside dimensions 48"h x 36"w x 9.75"d, 35 pounds

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Orbus OCX trade show shipping case
Orbus OCX Trade Show Shipping Case with Wheels 23.5"x13"x35.75" high

The Orbus OCX trade show shipping case is a versatile molded case that is perfect for many different uses! Wheels included for ease in transport. INSIDE: 23.5" w x 13" d x 35.75" H, $165.00 + shipping

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OCA-2 Lighting & Accessory Case 13.5"x4.25"x32.75"


The OCA-2 Display Accessory Shipping Case is a perfect accessory case to choose for your display shipment needs!INSIDE DIMS 32.75 X 13.5 X 4.25 h

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Orbus Bag for 10ft, 8ft, 5ft HopUp display
Hop Up Upgraded Replacement Roller Bags

Hop Up Replacement Roller Bags in three sizes that fit Hop Up 10', 8', 5' Display Kits!

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View: Custom Banner Stand Shipping Cases
Custom Banner Stand Shipping Cases

Custom Light Duty banner stand cases and Heavy Duty Banner Stand Shipping Cases will make transporting your banner stand/s to ship to your next event

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SCRATE Roto-molded Freight Case 49"x25"x51" H


Orbus SCRATE Large Freight Shipping Case for trade show materials, Displays, etc. Heavy Duty Freight Case

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Largo Trade Show shipping cases
Largo Telescoping Shipping Cases | Interior Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 43" -96"

Largo Buckles and Straps Telescoping Trade Show Cases. Trade show Shipping and transport case with tilt wheels for ease in mobility. We can also make custom cases made up to 102". Great for shipping Trade show items and displays to your next show. Trade show panels, trade show graphics, Tents, Costumes.

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View: NWD Square Hard Case with Wheels | Inside Dimensions 12.75" x 64.13" x 11.75"
NWD Square Hard Case with Wheels | Inside Dimensions 12.75" x 64.13" x 11.75"


Square Hard trade show shipping case Case with Wheels is ideal for shipping trade show banners stands, trade show graphics, tent cases and other uses.

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Large round shipping container for trade show displays
Orbus OCT Round Freight Shipping Case 43.5"x47"x33"H


Large round freight shipping case for Orbus Orbital Truss System display components. Fork lift accessible, stackable.

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View: JELCO EZ Lift Monitor Lift Cases
JELCO EZ Lift Monitor Lift Cases

An innovative EZ-LIFT case will make transport and use of a flat-panel display practical. Its ideal for rapid setup in hotels, conference centers, and training facilities.

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Wind Dancer adjustable banner carry bag
Wind Dancer Bag Set


The Wind Dancer Carrying Bag set will protect your investment and keep all your banners and flags together! Maximize this unit's portability with a high quality carrying bag!

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Rolling Tent Bag Upgrade for 10' popup tents
10' Zoom Tent Wheeled Bag


The Zoom 10' Tent Wheeled Bag Upgrade will make attending your Outdoor Events easier!

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Orbus Trade show display shipping cases and graphics shipping cases with wheels. Banner Stand Cases and Monitor cases too! We offer many sizes and styles to meet your needs and your budget. Stock cases are ready to ship directly to you from several available warehouses to meet your deadline! Custom built cases are also our specialty, made to your exact dimensions for any requirement. Quantity discounts are available, call or email us for a free estimate! We are Local to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Proudly shipping throughout the US and Canada!

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