Orbus Truss Displays

Orbus Orbital Express Truss Displays by Orbus are a popular line for their modularity and reusability. Graphics are replaceable and pieces from the line ban be used with other Orbital Express Truss sets to create new and unique displays. Create a custom look at a stock price with these beautiful kits that you can reuse from season to season. Call for design questions or to begin working with us on your next display, we can help with your large scale printing projects and custom shipping needs as well. Based in MA, serving the US for over 30 years with custom display and trade show shipping needs.

Orbus Orbital Express 10x10 Truss Displays with Full Graphics
Lynx 10' x 10' Truss Display

Lynx 10' x 10' Orbital Truss Display Kit, curved display will highlight your graphics and message perfectly!

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Orbus Sirius 10ft x 10ft Truss display
Sirius 10' x 10' Truss Display

This display offers 3 main graphics, 2 table tops, and all lights and your choice of shipping containers needed!

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Orbus Mercury 10x10 Serpentine Truss Kit
Mercury 10' x 10' Truss Display

A sleek s-curve layout will make your graphics stand out in this display.

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Orbus Atlantis 10x10 Curved Truss Kit
Atlantis 3 10' x 10' Truss Display

The 10'x10' Atlantis Truss Display Kit offers a striking curved graphic backwall with various product, demo, and video options to highlight your corporate messages at your events! Shipping Container included!

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Saturn 10' x 20' Truss Display

Saturn 10' x 20' Orbital Truss Display Kit, The Saturn display has large format Printed Fabric graphics and table tops out front at the aisles. LED Lighting and shipping cases included.

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Antares 10' x 20' Truss Display

Antares 10' x 20' Orbital Display Kit, This kit includes 2 adjustable table tops, 6 lights, and all required shipping containers!

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Hydrus 10' x 20' Truss Display

10' x 20' Hydrus Display, a fluid design includes 2 table tops and 5 lights...

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Phoenix 10' x 20' Truss Display

10' x 20' Phoenix Display, This curved design includes 2 table tops, 7 lights, and all shipping containers required!

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Polaris 10' x 20' Truss Display

10' x 20' Polaris Display,The Polaris display creates a great atmosphere for demo areas or meeting spaces...

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Orbus Orbital Express™ Truss Displays

Modular Truss Displays are a popular choice for extending the life of your Trade Show Display with pieces that can be reused, repurposed into new displays or refreshed regularly with newly printed custom graphics. Truss-style displays are sought after for their strong heavy-duty parts, easy tool-less assembly and durable design. Custom Stock Orbital Express Truss Displays by Orbus come with a Lifetime Warranty on their twist and lock hardware & a 1 year warranty on push-fit SEG fabric graphics, making these popular truss kits an exceptional value!

Work with the team at New World Case, Inc to design your next Truss Display in sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ , 10’ x 20’ and 20’ x 20’ kits. These kits can be combined into longer 30ft inline kits or broken down and reconfigured into smaller exhibits, islands & counters. Our Truss Exhibits also come with a reusable hard plastic wheeled case or cases depending on the size of the kit for transport and storage.

Portable 100mm silver extrusion frame is lightweight and breaks down into smaller pieces for transport. Even backlighting is achieved with long-lasting LED lights adhered to the edge of the frame. Dye-Sublimation Push-fit Fabric come printed with your choice of graphics. Please call for assistance with graphics, we accept many file types through several different file sharing systems, including DropBox and Google Drive.

Orbital Express™ Truss Kits are accompanied by a full list of accessories that attach easily to the trusses for monitor mounts, shelves, tables, counters, etc. The Orbital Express™ Truss brand is made from parts originating in the USA & Canada.

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20’ x 20’ Island Displays

Orbital Express™ Truss Island Exhibits are 20’ x 20’ inline Island displays with hardware and push-fit fabric graphic panels. Each Truss Exhibit is unique and includes accessories like overhead LED lighting, monitor mounts, counters in 4 finishes, shelves, seating areas, and graphic panels of varying sizes. Some Island Kits like the Atlas Orbital Express Truss 20 x 20 Modular Island Exhibit feature an 11ft center tower that rises over the showroom floor to attract attention to your messaging, accompanied by 2 adjustable tabletops, 4 monitor mounts, and 16 LED spotlights.

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10’ Inline Truss Displays

10x10 Truss Displays are our best selling Truss category with a great selection of professionally designed stock truss displays for corners, backwalls and counters that look custom and set up easily with sturdy quality components. Graphics of your choice are dye sublimation printed on smooth SEG push-fit fabric graphic panels. Components of these kits can be reconfigured with their accessories and other kits to create smaller islands, off-set counters, backwalls, secondary registration areas, etc. Switch out the graphics when logos or messaging changes for a new look using existing frame pieces. Kits like the Construo 10ft Popup Truss Display features toolless assembly, 2 Counters, 2 TV Mounts, plus a Portable rolling display case that can be used as a podium at events and for storage when not in use. The Construo is an excellent value with lots of portable interactive options!

construo-10ft-modular-exhibit_setup-th.jpg Shop 10’ x 10’ Inline Truss Kits

20’ - 30’ Inline Truss Displays

20ft and 30ft Truss Display Backwalls are a favorite display choice for Trade Show Exhibits and event spaces. Aluminum and steel truss pieces are easy to put together and require no tools. Sturdy, well-constructed metal components are warrantied for 5 years and accessories are made to attach to the Orbital Express Truss frames. The Aries 20ft Truss Exhibit has captivating curved full-height panels accented with matching curved shelves. Four counter finishes allow you to customize the look of your 12 Shelves and 2 Oval Stand-off counters. Clear Instructions, Graphic Template and Video also available for help with assembly.[Add image] + /link

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